Sunday, July 27, 2008

Banks Irk Me

I thought this was a thing of years past - but apparently not. Free Gifts.

1. If it's a gift, it should be free - yes?

2. When choosing a bank, my first thought is not "whoa - a freakin toaster! i'm in!" If you're offering a new car, we'll talk. I jabbed a bank on this blog a few weeks ago for free gifts and I took notice now of Community South banks offering "free gifts" for new accounts. A car wash kit. An umbrella.

Banking is a serious industry. I am trusting you with my money and my personal information, you shouyld be a tad professional. It's not to say that you can't be a little different or have a little fun... but don't sell your product like a flea market. To First Citizens and Bank Greenville, thank you for the great service you have consistantly showed... to Community South - keep your toasters.

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Anonymous said...

It makes no sense to me why banks reduce themselves down to that level. Do those silly giveaways really work or do they just get caught up in trying to match what the other banks are doing...regardless of whether it works or not?

I am with you Bo, offer fantastic service and the rest will take care of itself.